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The award-winning FLEX VASE™  simplifies the art of flower arranging.  It is an elegant and simple test tube vase made of a series of clear glass vials linked by flexible clear connectors. Nothing on the market matches the versatility of The FLEX VASE. Its uniqueness lies in the connectors, which can be angled, raised and lowered to form multi-dimensional arrangements, such as a heart, circle, triangle, wave, star, square, V-shape, C-shape. Vases can be combined to form long centerpiece arrangements...or circle around candles... or surround the umbrella pole on an outdoor table. And that's just the beginning. The FLEX VASE, shape, color, and texture combine so easily that our customers keep coming up with creative new ideas.

Great for urban living, The FLEX VASE can wind across a dining room table or attach to a window or a mirror. Customers enjoy creating beautiful centerpiece arrangements, seeing the sun streaming through their window floral arrangements and love the reflection of form and color in their mirrors. The FLEX VASE gives a touch of the garden in the home and creates a sense of beauty and spaciousness


Many publications have featured the Flex Vase such as Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Design Journal, Mademoiselle, Modern Bride, Woman's Day, Top Fair, Where, San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, L'Ami des Jardins et de la Maison, Florists' Review, Flowers&, Florist, Floral Retailing, Floral Management, Display & Design Ideas, San Diego Home & Garden, Valley, Celebrations, Mundo del Sur  and Aboard Inflight.


The FLEX VASE™ -- created by Andy Designs, Ltd. -- has won the Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) in the Art & Accessories/Tabletop Category




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